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DJ Shufflemaster & Chester Beatty feat. DJ Funk, DJ Tasaka - Our House Music



ARTISTS: DJ Shufflemaster, Chester Beatty, DJ Funk, DJ Tasaka LABEL: Bpitch Control [Germany] https://www.bpitchcontrol.de CATALOG No.: BPC322 [vinyl] A1. Our House Music feat. DJ Funk B1. Our House Music feat. DJ Funk (DJ Tasaka remix) [PREVIEW] https://soundcloud.com/bpitch-control/sets/bpc322-dj-shufflemaster [DISCRIPTION] シカゴとデトロイトが出会ったようなサウンド、EDMにはないこのグルーヴがたまんない。作っているのが日本に住んでいる奴らってのも最高しょ。誰もがみんなゲットーに生きていつまでもパーティーしてんだよ。(久保憲司/写真家) 荒々しい衝動が息づく、黒光りする骨太な音像。そこからこぼれ出る熱いエモーション。Dj ShufflemasterとChester Beattyが作り出した東京発のグルーヴィなトラックにシカゴの顔役DJ FUNKのダーティなMCと日本人女性の語りが共鳴しあうように響くと、そこはほとんど桃源郷のようなハウス・ミュージックの王国だ。DJ TASAKAのクールでミニマルなリミックス、そしてレーベル・オーナーのエレン・エイリアンの心意気も含め、ここには国境も民族も超えたダンス・フロアという解放区への熱く濃厚な愛情が詰まっている。(小野島大/音楽評論家) We’re not only kicking off the new year 2016 in some bootylicious fashion, but with a special release by the axis Tokyo-Chicago-Berlin. Both the Japanese techno legend DJ Shufflemaster as well as his compatriot and partner-in-crime Chester Beatty will debut on BPitch. Since their first joint EP from 1997 on Robert Armani’s label Cloned Vinyl, the duo held a special connection to Chicago, the origins of house music. By saying Chicago, we also have to mention the legendary imprint Dance Mania. One of its members, Charles „DJ Funk“ Chambers, is still considered as the synonym for the rough and raw ghetto house sound penetrated by TR-808 and TR-909. The oldschool track „Our House Music“ by DJ Shufflemaster & Chester Beatty bows to the still timeless chi-town style with its distinctive, analog-driven synth bass line, rattling hi-hats as well as warm and epic chords. It’s an impressively simple arrangement that spreads a nostalgic drive with its glockenspiel intermezzo and the iconic vocals by DJ Funk. The remix by DJ Tasaka is not only highlighting the delay on vocals and some atmospheric soundscapes, especially the 808 drums and the 303 bass lines are reminiscent of the futuristic classic Chicago acid. Work It! Pump It! Jerk It!